Scheduled Exibition Transitions in the Depiction of Beauty: “Now This is a True Edo Belle!”

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Along with actors, beautiful women have long been used for ukiyo-e subject matter. Chobunsai Eishi, Torii Kiyonaga, Kitagawa Utamaro and other famous artists were also always masters of these figure portraits-called bijinga. Modeling the hairstyles and wearing the clothes which were in fashion in different generations and seasons, beautiful women make a regular appearance in ukiyo-e, promoting the latest styles to the average woman of their time.

It was not the men who were the connoisseurs of these images of the ideal woman as depicted in bijinga; rather, it seems that more fans were women. The reason: women were asking themselves, "How can I look more beautiful, like the women in bijinga?" In the kimonos, obi kimono belts, hairstyles, decorative combs, ornamental hairpins and other adornments, the women depicted in bijinga were in the forefront of fashion. To close the gap between herself and the beautiful women she idolized, the average woman needed to keep up with current fashions. She picked out items from the bijinga that she would look attractive in, transforming herself by "superimposing" these fashions on her own figure.

Women's pursuit of beauty is not a recent phenomenon. It is a saga that has continued for ages. In this exhibit, we hope you find satisfaction in the world of beautiful women as drawn by a variety of ukiyo-e artists.

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